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Welcome to the Dresden Files Role Playing Game Resources Wiki!

This wiki is intended to organize, store and present fan-made material for the Dresden Files RPG.

We have a serious spam problem here, but we're working on it. In the meantime, the wiki remains mostly usable. Don't hit random page.

Introduction To The Dresden Files RPG: A spoiler-free introduction to the RPG.

Aspects: A compiled list of Aspects, sorted by type.

Characters: A list of characters that ranges from the serious to the absurd. Useful for both PC and NPC inspiration.

Downloads: DFRPG-related things that you can download.

Examples: Example combats. Example ward building. Example item crafting. Includes both actual play and examples designed for teaching newbies.

House Rules: Rules changes and player-designed sub-systems for handling all sorts of things.

Magic: Spells, potions, foci, enchanted items, and other such things.

Powers: Phenomenal Custom Powers! (Itty Bitty Refresh!)

Stunts: "The rules are more like guidelines, anyway."

Templates: Player-made templates to supplement those found in Your Story.

Travel Guide: A guide to the Cities and Locations of Earth and the Nevernever.


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